Britney Spears’ Work Bitch is prohibited the promotion from UK TV channel

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Britney Spears’ Work Bitch is prohibited the promotion from UK TV channel

Britney Spears’ Work Bitch is prohibited the promotion from UK TV channel

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Photo Courtesy: The Mirror Online (
U.S. pop singer Britney Spears’ new music video is prohibited the promotion from UK TV channel before 10 at night. This has decided to stay overly open and explicit scenes on the song of Music video. This is opened by ‘Daily Mirror ' in a news.

Britney’s eighth studio album Work Bitch
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The title of the new song of Britney’s eighth studio album, “Work Bitch”. The authority the UK 's television says that the music video is not suitable for Primetime. On this circumstances, the music video was banned in the campaign before 10.

"Work Bitch" is an EDM-influenced dance song, where Spears repeatedly encourages listeners to "get to work, bitch." The song might be in E Major, or E Minor but no-one seems to know due to the absence of a third note in the root chord. It starts with a strong club beat, before she sings, "You want a hot body? / You want a Bugatti? / You want a Maserati? / You better work bitch!" The singer continues to tease the lifestyle that can be achieved by getting to work, as she continues, "You want a Lamborghini? / Sip martinis? / Look hot in a bikini? / You better work bitch!" The song was written by Spears with and Anthony Preston, and features a beat from DJ Otto Knows. - wikipedia

A close source said, the music video has been released online and has quite a storm. On that way broadcasting the song on television will be the little over exploded.

Britney’s commentary about the music video for the song in words: In the early days of song, the music video was a bit more open. But the music video I’ve provided almost half of the cut parts. I have children. As a mother, I cannot touch the way I just wanted to match. More as a touch too much, it will not be trusted by everyone. I cannot do myself any abandonment.

In the other side Britney tweets her twitter: "So proud of this video & overjoyed to share with my beautiful fans". Britney tweeted that It does feel like her best video in ages, so you should be proud, Britters.

Here is the video cuts you can enjoy. Via Vevo. You can also enjoy it on youtube. Youtube link

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